Experience the Difference: Weight Loss and 
Detoxification through Natural Foot Patches!

Niicce patches contain herbal ingredients that stimulate blood circulation and allow toxins to escape from the sweat glands in the feet. The natural herbal ingredients can reach all the acupoints on the soles of the feet. This in turn leads to weight loss, pain relief, stress reduction, improved sleep, anti-aging and other effects.

You Can See the Effects of the Detox

Transparent Thechnology: Detox foot pads cleanse and energize your body at night. Our detoxifying foot pads work after bedtime to remove all toxins from the body without leaving any unpleasant odor.

The elimination of toxins helps boost metabolism, reduces muscle fatigue, arthritis pain, aids in fat loss, restores focus and relieves chronic headaches.

 Combination Of Traditional Wisdom & Modern Technology

Out of the 360 points on the human body, 60 points can be found on the soles of our feet. These points are connected to the nerve, lymphatic, and energy channels in the body. By stimulating these plantar points, Niicce can help balance the body's functions, which can have a positive effect on the internal organs and help to remove toxins from the body.

All Natural & Long Known, Effective Ingredients

Loquat Leaf: Inhibits bacterial and fungal growth and relieves foot odor

Bamboo Vinegar: Promotes gastrointestinal digestion and reduces mouth odor

Vitamin C: Antioxidant properties neutralize free radicals, reducing oxidative damage to cells, preventing chronic diseases

Tourmaline: strengthen liver and kidney activity, a mineral used to fortify the detoxification

Wood Vinegar: A moisture-absorbent ingredient that absorbs impurities through skin follicles

There is limited availability and this 70% DISCOUNT may be taken down at any moment!

Easy Steps To Detox & Slim

Step 1
Clean and dry you feet. Then apply the detoxin patch on your feet.

Step 2
Enjoy the process for 6-8 hours, ideally, while you sleep.

Step 3
Carefully remove the patches and throw it.

See What Others Are Saying About Our Detox Patches!

Omg they 100% work. I'm using them and in the morning I'm shocked by how much they bring out.

Leah Dueck

It works for me too. My veins are receding and my swelling too. It's been years since I've had nice legs that feel good.

Debbrina Anderson

I've been using this product for a month before reviewing it, and I've lost a total of 15pounds. It really works, here's a comparison between the first time I used it and after last night's use, and as I use it more often, I can clearly see that the toxins in my body are decreasing. My body feels less tired during this time and I will be repurchasing forever.

Sarah Hernandez

Love them, put them on at night, wife and I. Next morning black....gets the devil out!!!! Feeling more energized, better mood.

Mauricio Gandara

I bought these for my husband and I to try. We started using them towards the end of March so about three weeks now. I'd say we have a good bit of toxins in us because the pads have just recently started lighting up. We plan to go until they barely have any color. We have been sleeping better and I noticed I feel more refreshed when I wake up. Even better, my husband lost 11 pounds!

Mata Miller

I love what these patches do for me, so much so that I am telling everyone I know how great they are. I've even been giving a pkg away so my friends and family can try and see for themselves what's in their bodies. Thanks a lot!

Tiffany Taylor

I have been having a lot of pustules on my face, and my doctor said gastrointestinal problems causing them. I remember the first time I used it, the foot patch became very black, which means that I have a lot of toxins in my body. Now I have been using it for three months, not only my skin has gotten better, but I have also lost weight.

Sarah Hernandez

I am not heavy, but played with cellulite even on the front of my thighs and belly. I stopped wearing shorts years ago. I've been using this product, really praying for results. After one month I've noticed a big difference.

Elizabeth Anderson

This is the second time I bought these!! This is no doubt the best product I've ever bought on the internet!! Now my body feels different, like more relax and lighter on my feet. And I just feel better over all! I WILL RE-ORDER AGAIN!!!

Joseph Wilson

It can not only detoxify and lose weight, but also inhibit foot odor. In the past, my feet often peeled off skin and were very itchy. After using the detox foot patch, my feet were not itchy for a few weeks, and my skin is slowly getting better.

Robert Jones

Don't Hesitate, Say Goodbye to the Toxins in Your Body Now!


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